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DentalFix™ mineralized particulate allografts offer osteoconductive properties of natural bone. Featuring a unique, elongated particle shape, DentalFix™ mineralized grafts combine high surface area and excellent clinical handling and placement properties.

Product Applications:

  • Augmentation of the maxillary sinus

  • Augmentation of the atrophic ridge

  • The filling of extraction sockets

  • The treatment of periodontal defects

  • Grafting in conjunction with the placement of dental implants

  • Grafting in conjunction with apicoectomies and cystectomies


  • Available in cortical-cancellous, cancellous, and cortical configurations

  • Particle sizes .25 - 1.0mm

  • Unique “rice-shaped” particle configuration

  • Convenient jar delivery

  • 5-year shelf life

  • Sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6

DentalFix™ Cortical Cancellous Particulate Allograft

DentalFix™ cortical cancellous particulate allograft is a versatile osteoconductive scaffold combining the properties of volume and space maintenance through its cortical bone component with rapid revascularisation and blood clot facilitation through its cancellous bone component.


Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) of DentalFix Mineralized cortical-cancellous "rice-shaped" particles demonstrate the high surface area, the macropores, and the osteoconductive micropores.

The porous scaffold not only serves as a natural biocompatible matrix, but the particle shape facilitates excellent handling properties.

          Item Code                    Item Description

          423002                         DentalFix™ Mineralized Cort/Canc Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 0.25cc

          423005                         DentalFix™ Mineralized Cort/Canc Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 0.5cc

           423010                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cort/Canc Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 1.0cc

           423020                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cort/Canc Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 2.0cc
           423050                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cort/Canc Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 5.0cc

DentalFix™ Cancellous Particulate Allograft

DentalFix™ mineralized cancellous particulate allograft is an osteoconductive scaffold with high surface area and high porosity to facilitate rapid revascularization, blood clot formation, and ultimately, integration. The rice-shaped particle configuration offers excellent handling properties during graft placement.


The high magnification of the SEM shows the elongated or "rice-shaped"particle configuration of this cancellour particle demonstrates excellent surface area and the porous nature of the cancellous mineralized allograft matrix. The surface area and porosity of the mineralized cancellous area acts as an osteoconductive scaffold and facilitates bone ingrowth.

          Item Code                    Item Description

          423202                         DentalFix™ Mineralized Cancellous Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 0.25cc

          423205                         DentalFix™ Mineralized Cancellous Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 0.5cc

           423210                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cancellous Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 1.0cc

           423220                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cancellous Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 2.0cc
           423250                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cancellous Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 5.0cc

DentalFix™ Cortical Particulate Allograft

DentalFix™ mineralized cortical particulate allograft offers excellent volume and space maintenance inherent in mineralised cortical bone. The rice-shaped particle configuration offers excellent surface area along the microporous structure of the cortical bone and facilitates excellent handling properties.


The high magnification of the SEM shows the elongated or "rice-shaped" particle configuration of the mineralized cortical particle. The SEM demonstrates the natural microporous structure of the cortical bone.

The elongated particle shape facilitates excellent handling of the graft during placement.

          Item Code                    Item Description

          423102                         DentalFix™ Mineralized Cortical Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 0.25cc

          423105                         DentalFix™ Mineralized Cortical Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 0.5cc

           423110                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cortical Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 1.0cc

           423120                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cortical Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 2.0cc
           423150                        DentalFix™ Mineralized Cortical Particulate, .25-1.0mm, 5.0cc
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