Free money? Not quite, but this is almost as good.

My best friend from high school is an oral surgeon like you. I took the business route (got an MBA from the University of Florida) and I am now Regional VP of Sales for a division of a very large industrial company. To help my friend, we have been discussing how to help manage his office, especially how to purchase some of the day-to-day consumables involved in a busy oral surgery practice. (Consumables = Big bucks out the door--This stuff mounts up, doesn't it?). Both of us had a strong sense he was paying too much for several of these high-use items. We knew that his suppliers were taking unfair advantage of the fact that patient care was more important than the cost of supplies. It is, but why waste money paying more for something than it is worth? You work hard for every dollar; wasting money makes no sense whatever.


We looked closely at many oral surgery consumables, how to obtain them more competitively, and--most important to you--how to get them to you at a substantial savings. We created a company specializing in these consumables, made arrangements with suppliers, and are now ready to pass some significant savings along to you. How does $2,000 per year average savings on one simple item sound? This money belongs to you, not your over-charging suppliers.


Cannulas typically sell for around $4.99 EACH. You probably use about a thousand every year, maybe even more. We have arranged to sell these for for as low as $2.15 each. Why line the pockets of a greedy supplier who hopes you aren't worried about or will notice the price of a little item like a cannula, when you can get them from a dependable source--another oral surgeon who understands your business--at substantial savings, with no compromise in quality?

We don't only have nasal canulas, we have additional products and significant savings for you. Please come back to the website from time-to-time to see other products we have found and ways to save money on your oral surgery consumables--Sort of like "free money."


Cameron Cole

Co-Founder/Director of Sales

SOER Medical