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Free money? Not quite, but this is almost as good.

SOER Industries Inc. is a surgical supply company based in Panama City, FL that manufactures and distributes disposable medical supplies. SOER's purpose is to provide access to quality products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service while focusing on the integrity of our products and saving surgeons money. 

SOER was founded by a surgeon who took a look at the amount of money he was paying for some of his day-to-day consumables. He had a strong sense that he was paying too much for several of these high-use items. Is it possible that the large supply companies were taking unfair advantage of the fact that patient care is more important than the cost of supplies? Patient care IS more important but why waste money paying more for something than it's worth? 

SOER manufactures and imports quality items that we know will save you money. For example, nasal cannulas from other suppliers typically sell for around $4 each. SOER has arranged to sell cannulas for as low as $2.50 each. Why line the pockets of a greedy supplier who hopes you aren't worried about or will notice the price of a little item like a cannula when you can get them from a dependable source--another surgeon who understands your business--at substantial savings with no compromise in quality?

SOER does not only have nasal cannulas, we have additional products that will also be significant savings for you. Sort of like "free money." 

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