RELI® REDIGUT® Chromic Gut PRO Absorbable Suture - 360/case

Chromic treated, twisted natural gut suture


RELI® PRO sutures from MYCO Medical are premium sterile absorbable and non-absorbable surgical-grade sutures packaged in a new low-memory racetrack tray to improve suture performance

Similar to Ethicon Chromic Gut


Brand    Myco®
Count    360/case
Size    3-0, 4-0, 5-0
Material    Chromic Gut
Needle Size

YFS-2 (FS-2, C-13, C6)

YPS-2 (PS-2, P-12, P31)

Length    18" and 30"
Point    Reverse Cutting and Precision Reverse Cutting
Absorbable    Yes

RELI® REDIGUT® Chromic Gut PRO Absorbable Suture - 360/case


    • Sharp, durable AISI 300 grade steel needles
    • Sharp needles combined with high quality suture material
    • Easy handling, smooth tissue passage with minimal tissue reaction
    • Easy knotting and knot security combined with superior material tensile strength
    • Sutures packaged in an easy- retrieval pack that enables convenience and speed upon opening.
    • Every suture strand and needle attachment is tested to ensure a secure bond.
    • REDIPASS needle coating technology enables smoother needle penetration.
  • What is Plain Gut? Plain Gut is an absorbable suture made with natural materials.

    What is the difference between Plain Gut and Chromic Gut? Chromic Gut is treated with a chromium salt solution to prolong its resistance to absorption in comparison to plain gut which is not treated with the solution.